The Clear View Screens

Below are some 3D drawings that are a product of the design stage showing the Clear View Screens for use on our models of D1039 & D1006.
Also included is a brief history about the Clear View Screens and how they faired on the Westerns.

CLear View Screen 3D
A 3D drawing Of the Clear View Screen as carried by D1039
CLear View Screen 3D
Pre production model of D1039 showing the Clear View Screen

Ever since their introduction in 1961, windscreen wipers on Westerns were a constant source of problems. Swindon experimented with different motors and blades before turning to George Kent Limited
and their design for a Clear View Screen.This rotary style of wiper was a common sight on ships and it was hoped it may provide a clearer view than the current pattern of wipers fitted to the Class 52s.

D1039 emerged from the works in March 1964 with this first style of Clear View Screen (pictured above). Tests were carried out and initial observations were that the wiper would slow down if the loco was traveling to fast.
Modifications were made and improvements noted but the drivers were still unhappy with the wiper obscuring their view.

The loco carried this wiper until October 1964 by which time it had become clear that the Clear View Screen did not live up to expectations. Anything but heavy rain
showed the wiper to be ineffective plus if there was no rain the wiper collected a vast array of dead insects and was difficult to clean.The screen was sent back to George Kent Limited hoping they could improve the design.

Clear View Screen 3D
A 3D drawing Of the Clear View Screen as carried by D1006
CLear View Screen 3D
Pre production model of D1006 showing the Clear View Screen

More experiments were carried out after D1039 has lost its wipers but by November 1965 George Kents Limited had another Clear View Screen to try.
D1006 'Western Stalwart' was chosen and the new design (See image above) of wiper was fitted.

As with the first incarnation problems were discovered and rectified 'on the job' and this included Kents redesigning the screen. The updated versions were fitted in July 1966 and this is the version that our model will carry.
The main benefit of the Mk.II was the removal of four support rods that had impaired the drivers view but even with these rods removed, after fifteen months the Screens were removed from D1006.

Overall the Clear View Screens performed well in heavy rain but, even with the support rods on the MkII removed, the screen obstructed the drivers view considerably more than the standard wipers.
They also cost more to fit and it was therefore decided the scrap the Clear View Screen as a reliable alternative. D1006 was running again in March 1967 with the standard windscreen wipers reinstated.