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LMS Yellow Loco & Coach Insignia

LMS Yellow Loco & Coach Insignia

Product Code: HMRS2

Category: Model Railways, Transfers
Brand: HMRS Transfers
Range: Pre 2020
Era: Era 2: Pre Grouping 1880 - 1922
Scale: 1:76
Gauge: OO

Red-shaded insignia was standard from 1938 until around 1942, except for streamlined Pacifies and almost all unlined black locos painted at Crewe. (Transfers for these locos can be found on Sheet 2a). After 1942 and until 1945 shaded insignia was confined largely to new construction and to full re-paints (which were rare) of passenger engines. Unshaded insignia was used for the partial wartime repaints and by Horwich works for fully re-painted goods engines. From 1946, Crewe works mainly used the outlined block style, found on Sheet 2a, but the other works, to a large extent, continued to use the serif insignia found on this sheet. Three spacings of tender / tank letters LMS are provided The widest, at 60" centres, was used mainly on Stanier curved top tenders. The next at 53" centres, was used on most large pre-Group and Horwich painted tenders and the closest spacing on the sheet at 40" centres, appeared on most ex-LNWR, Johnson and Kirtley tenders, some Fowler tenders and on Fowler, Stanier and Fairbum 2-6-2T and 2-6-4T locos. On Garratts and small tank locos, with 27" spacing or closer, cut out and fit the letters separately. The largest numbers, 14" size are for Royal Scot and unstreamlined Pacific locos up to 1942. 12" size numbers are for the Princess and Jubilee classes and most Compounds as well as the previously named classes after 1942. Some Compounds had 10" size numbers. Other locos officially had the largest size that would fit applied to them. The use of photographic reference is essential as there were many anomalies.

The letters LMS were applied in the waist panel towards the left or at about waist level on unpanelled as the standard insignia for coaches from 1934-1947, except for relatively few which had the 1946 block style, found on Sheet 2a. Numbers were applied on the right at the same level. Block style numbers wee used from 1934-1939 and serif style from 1940-1947. Class figures 1 & 3 were mounted in the centres of lower door panel; the round topped 3 from 1934-1939 and the flat topped 3 from 1940 to 1947. Many coaches of course were never re-painted to receive the later style figures. Blue SMOKING and red NON-SMOKING window labels are reverse-printed for application to the interior of the coach. The coach coat-of-arms are supplied for dining, sleeping and other saloon vehicles and certain end door corridor stock - mainly those vehicles which offer 1st Class accommodation. They were not applied to non-corridor stock or to side-door corridor vehicles.
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