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We can carry out modifications to locomovites and rolling stock, from weathering to a complete reapint. Below is a gallery of some of the locos we have done. If you are intrested in having weathering or repainted done please contact us.


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GW Large Prairie 6155 - Started out as the latest Hornby Large Prairie in GWR livery has had the handrails modified and bunker footsteps added before being repainted.
Class 47 47376 'Freightliner 2000' - Originally a Bachmann 47 that had a complete repaint after moving the high intensity light to a more central position and fitting different fuel tanks and weathering.
Class 50 50003 'Temeraire' - A repaint from Network SouthEast livery into Large logo blue then weathering.
GW Castle 5054 'Earl Of Ducie' - complete repaint and relining of a Hornby Castle before weathering.
Class 47712 'Lady Diana Spencer' - Originally a NSE 47/7 that had suffered a 'glue incident' it was repainted into early Parcels livery with NSE flashes.
GW Castle 7023 'Penrice Castle' - Another Castle Repaint and relining. The model was originally the Hornby Penrice Castle. Along with 5054 seen a few pictures back, 7023 was one of the last Castles to work out of Worcester shed.