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Ordering Item Yet To Be Released

When searching our website, items marked as 'Pre-Order' are items that are yet to be released by the manufactoruer. They are then available for you to order so that when they arrive into stock with us they will immidiatly be sent out to you. We don't take any money from you until the item is in stock but we will contact you before despatch to make sure shipping & payment details are correct. 

Things to note when ordering products that have not yet arrived into stock

  • Dates are taken from the manufactorures. They are subject to change at any moment and is something, unfortunatley, we have no control over. 
  • Prices are also taken from information given to us by the mabnufactirues. Due to the teim between annoucement and delivery of some models the prices may change between you placing an order and arrival of the item into stock. We'll always give you the option to canel an order if the price increases.
  • If multiple items are pre-ordered we will try to send them in one parcel to save postage.