Heljan - 9955 - OO-9 Lynton & Barnstaple 1362 EXE

Heljan - 9955 - OO-9 Lynton & Barnstaple 1362 EXE

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We can fit DCC decoders for you - either a normal or a sound decoder. We will select the most suitable (depending or loco purchased) from either Bachmann, Hornby, DCC Concepts or Gaugemaster. If a specific decoder is required, please make sure to let us know.

Sound Decoders are ESU Loksound v4 and come with sounds from either South West Digital, Legomanbiffo or from a range provided to us by a highly regarded freelance sound engineer. The price includes a speaker and fitting.




Lynton & Barnstaple 1362 EXE

DCC Ready - 8pin
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