Peco - SL-86 - OO Gauge Code 100 Curved Right Hand (Insulfrog Point)

Peco - SL-86 - OO Gauge Code 100 Curved Right Hand (Insulfrog Point)
PECO - SL86 - R/H Curved Point (Code 100)
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1:76 Scale - 'OO' Gauge

R/H Curved Point

Required Fishplates:
SL10 Metal
SL11 Insulated

Turnouts and Crossings: (With code 100 rail)
Available with Insulfrogs or Electrofrogs except the Double Slip and Long and Short Crossings.
Every turnout is complete and ready for hand operation - there is no need to buy extra levers or switches. For remote control, the PECO Lectrics Turnout Motor PL10 clips underneath.
Because turnouts and crossings have a common frog angle of 12' or 24', interesting track formations can be easily constructed.

Beautiful examples of the prototype in miniature. Curved turnouts overcome awkward situations and add visual interest to your layout.
Nominal radii:
Outside, 1524mm (60in)
Inside, 762mm (30in)
Length: 256mm (10.06in)

Right Hand Insulfrog....SL86
Right Hand Electrofrog....SLE86

Left Hand Insulfrog....SL87
Left Hand Electrofrog....SLE87
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