Peco - SLE394F - N Gauge Long Crossing (Code 55 Finescale)

Peco - SLE394F - N Gauge Long Crossing (Code 55 Finescale)
PECO - SLE394F - Long Crossing (Code 55)
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1:148 Scale - 'N' Gauge

Long Crossing

Streamline, Code 55 rail

For even greater realsim choose PECO Streamline Universal Fine N flexible track. Despite the low visible rail height of only .055 in - all makes of British and Continental locomotives and rolling stock will operate on it.

The ingenious rail section combines strength with realism.

It can be readily joined to PECO Universal N trackage and other makes using Code 80 rail but the turnouts cannot be used as direct replacementsfor Code 80 since the geometry is different.

Universal N Joiners (SL310) are used. Additional sleepers (SL308F or SL309F) enable correct sleeper spacing to be maintained at rail joins.


Angle 10'
Length: 154mm (6.06in)

Long Crossing, Electrofrog....SLE394F
Long Crossing, Insulfrog....SL394F
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