Peco - NR28E - Brake Van, NE, bauxite

Peco - NR28E - Brake Van, NE, bauxite
PECO - NR28E - Brake Van, NE, bauxite
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1:144 Scale (N)

Brake Van, NE, bauxite

-N Rolling Stock
--Quality Line Wagons and Vans

PECO Quality Line Wagons for N are supplied completely assembled and painted, ready to run on your layout.

They posses every possible detail, e.g. rivets, strapping, planking, ladders, and brake gear in line with the wheels. Each model is painted in the correst livery and fully lettered.
These Wagons are fitted with the PECO 'Elsie' coupling, making possible the close and easy coupling of vehicles.
The Elsie coupling is still 'universal' however, conforming to international N standards and will couple with other makes of wagons.
Apart from the superb realistic appearance of PECO Quality Line Wagons, the wheels are exceptionally free running which means that your locomotivecan pull even longer goods trains.
No less than four different plastics are used to produce the very best results for each section of the wagon.

- 'Elsie' - ELC, (Easy Light Lift Close Coupling), (patented).

---Railway Company Series - 10ft Wheelbase

NR42S....SR 'Banana Box Van'
NR44W....GWR 'Butterly Steel Type Coal Wagon'
NR44E....LNER 'Butterly Steel Coal Wagon'
NR41M....LMS '7 Plank Mineral Wagon'
NR45E....LNER 'Cattle Wagon'
NR10S....SR 'Tarpaulin Wagon'
NR20....GWR 'Furniture Removals Container and Conflat Wagon'
NR47....MR 'Goods Brake'
NR28E....LNER 'Goods Brake'
NR21....LMS 'Furniture Removals Container and Conflat Wagon'
NR4E....LNER'Bolster Wagon'
NR48M....LMS 'Goods Brake'
NR49E....LNER 'Goods Brake'
NR7W....GWR 'Tube Wagon'
NR5W....GWR 'Plate Wagon'

more wagons available........(NR39E - NR45M)
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